Building a Province-Based Outsourcing Center in the Face of Adversity: The Story of Intelliworx PH

“At Intelliworx PH, the possibilities are endless”- a statement that served as a source of empowerment and motivation for the founders of Intelliworx PH at the time that the organization was being established and until the present time.

Starting from its humble beginnings in the province of Occidental Mindoro, Municipality of San Jose back in May 2020, the company has grown to become the leading BPO center in its province and continues to make a name in the industry today. With its continuous development, Intelliworx Ph now offers a wide range of services for international clients from different business sectors. While each milestone was not easy to reach, it is an inspirational story that can serve as a guide and motivation to aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs.

Three Brains are Better than One!

Just like other start-up organizations, Intelliworx Ph has a unique story. The idea and execution arose from three individuals who came from different backgrounds. Aside from being founders, they took managerial roles that helped build Intelliworx into what it is today.

The Head of Business Operations, Mr. Brent Tuason, became a foundation of strength. His main focus is to identify business opportunities, create business strategies for Intelliworx and develop its infrastructure and facilities.  Ms. Nica M. Valera the Head of Business Development is a key member of the management team, her strategic role is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with key clients and partners as well as developing the organizational structure of the company. The Head of Data and Technical Operations, Ms. Francia Bartolo, a crucial figure in the company, is responsible for managing all technical aspects of the company’s operations, including the management of data, hardware, and software systems. She ensures the security and integrity of the company’s data and implements measures to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Foundation and Beginning: The Start-up of Intelliworx Ph.

This company was not originally envisioned as it is now; rather, Ms. Francia Bartolo had the notion for it back in the year 2018. When she returns to this municipality, she sees an opportunity to start a telemarketing company where residents who can’t leave the area would have the chance to work in this field. Starting this firm was difficult as both they were still figuring out the procedures and services they should provide after agreeing to the idea of a telemarketing company. Later, they realize that they would benefit from working with a different partner who might provide them with approaches to their goals, which is how Ms. Nica Valera enters the frame. Ms. Valera created the name Intelliworx Ph. as she envisioned that it can portray intelligence in terms of offering a smart way of working with clients, making smart decisions, intelligent ways of coping with solutions, and producing competent and creative individuals.

The start of the first business operation was in January 2020, they rented a computer shop and hired five agents to offer telemarketing services to international clients. However, on the first day of operations, they had no sales despite promises from their first client. They continued to struggle for over a month and eventually had to move to a new office and purchase second-hand computers.

The business aired for less than three months before the management felt discouraged to keep the business going and officially close the company. The three founders split up, just as Covid-19 was reaching the pinnacle of its curve.

Intelliworx as an Online ESL Satellite Office

The reopening of Intelliworx Ph. was held in the old storage facility of Mr. Brent’s family in May 2020. The service was Online English as a Second Language or ESL tutoring, a Filipino-based online tutoring service for Chinese students, this provides instruction on reading, writing, and speaking to individuals whose native language is not English. The challenge faced by this service is finding suitable tutors as the training to qualify is rigorous and gaining trust from Chinese authorities is not easy. However, after two months of training, only one agent passed, which eventually led to the company’s success, enabling them to hire 26 more agents and offer 24/7 services. ESL services has provided them lessons about how the industry works and through this, they are learning techniques and strategies to produce competent individuals.

Catering Possibilities: New Environment and The Start of Virtual Assistant

The team took a significant risk in November 2020 by deciding to offer virtual assistant services, even though it was a crucial account that required understanding before implementation. From 26 agents specializing in nurturing young minds to the introduction of a Virtual Assistant, the team became a bigger family, they quickly outgrew their old office space, and because of that the old water station where the office operation is held will become crowded. The management recognized that they needed to find a new, more comfortable space to accommodate their expanding team.

The Loss of Major Account

Intelliworx heavily relies on its clients’ businesses, and losing even a single service can greatly affect the company’s growth, particularly for start-ups. Unfortunately, the company faced a setback when the Chinese government banned private academic tutoring, which was one of their major accounts at the time. From established less than fifty (50) agents down to twenty (20) employees. Intelliworx staff members are feeling demotivated, leading some of them to resign and seek other employment opportunities as the company’s bankruptcy remains a looming threat.

In April 2021, Intelliworx analyzed its situation and identified areas for growth. They then implemented new strategies tailored to gain a competitive edge. These included investing in marketing and changing their business strategy under the name Intelliworx Ph. The office closed 25 seats from different clients and businesses, and they achieved 45 employees in that month.

Home in different Shapes; Intelliworx Ph. Departments

The growth of Intelliworx has been remarkable since its inception. From a small team of individuals nurturing young minds, it has now expanded into different departments and services. The office of Intelliworx has now grown into four departments that provide various services to clients.

Communication Specialist: The Customer Service Representatives

The CSR department is their initial service offering to clients, providing customer support and ensuring prompt resolution of inquiries and concerns. The team assists customers in addressing issues and other related concerns. This team is essential in maintaining a positive relationship between Intelliworx Ph. and its customers, front-line representatives of the company.

Maximizing Efficiency: The Virtual Assistant Team

The virtual Assistant team is one of their primary services, assisting clients with various administrative tasks, including email management, data entry, appointment scheduling, and other related tasks. This team has the individual strength to hold and support different kinds of businesses.

Innovating Strategies: Digital Marketing Department

This department handles the creation and execution of digital marketing campaigns, including social media management, content creation, email marketing, copywriting, and innovative strategies to achieve business success. This sector allows them to connect with their customers in a more targeted and personalized way, build brand awareness, and increase sales and revenue.

Master of Art and Web Developing: Creatives Team

The Creatives team in this office are skilled individuals who excel in art and web development. They create visually captivating designs for clients’ websites, social media pages, and other marketing materials using their technical abilities and creative talent. The Creatives team is well-equipped to provide clients with effective solutions that help them stand out in the competitive market.

Entertainment: Having Fun while on the Job

When we think about work, we often associate work with the list of duties and responsibilities required to earn a living. Intelliworx Ph acknowledges the importance of having a positive workplace culture and providing opportunities for their employees to have fun and enjoy themselves while on the job.

Celebration of Wins: The Intelliworx Ph. Townhall 

The town hall event was celebrated every last week of the month, this is an avenue where the company aligns and communicates to all employees about the updates of the office. The purpose of this meeting is to openly address any questions or concerns about the office, be informed about upcoming plans, and celebrate successes. Each department will present its team’s accomplishments, updates, and plans, highlighting its most notable members. Every month they follow different themes. This event can last for two (2) to three (3) hours, after the updates, the staff gathers and get food provided by the management.

Participation in Monthly Events

This special celebration in the office has different aims and objectives, but the main purpose of this event is to make working fun.

The Year-end Party

In 2022, Intelliworx Ph. went above and beyond with their year-end party, with a masquerade theme that added a touch of glamor and mystique to the festivities. The event was held at a luxurious hotel ballroom of Seasons Hotel and Convention Center in San Jose, where guests were greeted with complete ornate masks and glamorous dresses. The year-end party with a masquerade theme was a huge success for Intelliworx Ph. It was a night of celebration, recognition, and bonding that reinforced the company’s values of teamwork and dedication.

Valentine’s Day Celebration of Love

Unleashing creativity and team effort, each department decorates its designated areas resourcefully. Instructing that they strictly use recyclable materials in decorating their spaces. This happened on February 10, 2023, in anticipation of the upcoming Valentine’s Day. There are a set of criteria to judge their decoration and the department that gets the highest points is The Virtual Assistant Team.

Developing Strong Bond: Team Building

The first-ever team-building activity that this office hosted was in October 2022 held in Biggy’s River Resort in Rizal in the same province. This event is highly anticipated by employees as it allows them to showcase their leadership skills and teamwork while bonding with their colleagues. They engage in activities such as yell competitions, caterpillar races, and other recreational activities. These activities allow employees to unwind and have fun while building strong connections with each other.

Engagements: Stepping into Wider Community

In stepping into the wider community Intelliworx Ph. making noise in this industry, and has recently been invited to speak and share its story with a wider community. The company’s contribution to the continuous growth of the BPO industry has caught the attention of various magazines and social media platforms.

An Interview with Fortune Magazine

Last February 13, 2023, Intelliworx PH was invited as one of the Philippines’ BPO representatives to be interviewed by the US-based Fortune magazine for their Asia Pacific edition. Given the chance to discuss what it means for a province-based startup firm to contribute to the steady expansion of the Philippine BPO sector.

The Business Name was Quoted in Manila Times News

In the News aboutBPO Industry Thriving Despite the Pandemic”, issued on October 11, 2022. The name and co-founder of Intelliworx Ph. are being quoted as part of the biggest industries that let employees work from home during lockdowns in the Philippines during the challenges of the infectious virus of Covid-19.

Tell Inspiring Story in Ph. Marketing Company: The Podcast

Listening to the modern-day radio program, a podcast where the Intelliworx Ph. Founders are invited to share a brief start-up story of this kind of business that has not been an exception for a different kind of struggle in achieving what they have now.

Payoneer Magazine

With more than 974k page likes and 1M total followers on their social media accounts, Payoneer, a Commerce Technology Company asked Intelliworx Ph. for submission to feature on their page. Their firm is a well-known company that allows this modest office to interact with a large audience.

Inspire the Aspirant: Local School Workshops and Seminars

The roaring name of Intelliworx Ph. is first recognized by local schools in the town where they are located, San Jose Occidental Mindoro. Being able to speak and capture millennial students to explore their capabilities and see the potential in this kind of industry. Local schools open their doors to spark students’ interest and broaden their understanding of this business.

Divine Word College of San Jose

The team participated in the Junior and Senior High School Career Guidance week of Divine Word College of San Jose, opening a possibility to explore this kind of business and profession for the young mind is the key essence of the talk. Inspiring them with a short but meaningful story that will help them discover their limitless potential to strive for their future.

Occidental Mindoro State College

One of the co-founders joins to speak at the event for a Pre-Internship program of the students of Hospitality Management from the College of Arts, Science, and Technology department at OMSC Gymnasium. The event was aimed at providing the students with a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of services that they offer and a brief introduction to the business.

Moving Forward: Excel in the Industry

Building a provincial company in the face of adversity is challenging and at the same time overwhelming, stepping into the ground of this dynamic industry has a lot of challenges to be faced.  Intellworx’s plans are both ambitious and realistic. Focusing on expansion, service improvement, employee training, and development, and promoting Mindoro as a main contributor to job opportunities. By attracting more businesses to the area, the company is helping to stimulate economic growth and create a better future for the local community, the company is poised for long-term success and growth.

The success of Intelliworx Ph is a remarkable story brought about by the hard work and dedication of its people. Despite facing several struggles, they persevered and rose to the opportunity presented in international markets. Having overcome many challenges, they continue to strive to become one of the most sought-after successful companies and continue to write their legacy.


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