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Building a Province-Based Outsourcing Center in the Face of Adversity: The Story of Intelliworx PH
“At Intelliworx PH, the possibilities are endless”- a statement that served as a source of empowerment and motivation for the founders of Intelliworx PH at the time that...
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Celebrating Love and Teamwork: How Intelliworx PH Found a Heartwarming Way to Celebrate Valentine's Day
The Intelliworx PH company came up with an engaging activity to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the workplace. The first activity was the Valentine’s Mailbox, which allowed...
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Esteeming Students With Inspirational Talks: Intelliworx Joins Career Guidance Week of DWCSJ
Veronica Valera, the Co-founder and  Business Development Manager of Intelliworx PH was invited last January 12-13, 2023, to speak at Divine Word College of San Jose’s Career...
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Nurturing the Art of Business: Intelliworx Ph Empowers Younger Generation at DWCSJ through Workshops
On February 8, 2023, Intelliworx Ph held a successful workshop at Divine Word College of San Jose together with the Head of Business Operations, Mr. Brent Tuason, Head of Business Development,...
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Intelliworx PH: Helping Hospitality Management Students Discover Opportunities Outside Their Career 
As the first quarter of 2023 come to a close, the founders of Intelliworx PH are brimming with new ideas and projects. Veronica Ann Valera, the Head of Business Development has made...
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